R & R Pointing Labs

Fox Red Pointing Labs Grand Rapids, Michigan

Dear Juan, I wanted to write and say a quick thank you for my perfect pup! When I called you back in June and you said you had one female left I was jumping up and down while I tried to calmly explain that is exactly what I wanted. Then when you said you had planned to keep her for breeding,..I held my breath and waited, and you decided she could be mine. When she got home I registered her R&R Pointing Lab's Bodacious (Bo) and our adventure began. In the past 10 months I've sparsely hunted her in some puppy-hunts during the fall, and with the 3+ feet of snow here in NY we are working on obedience in the few plowed areas left this winter haha Bo has brought so much joy to my life. She has kept me active, walking me every day, and is an excellent snuggle buddy in the evenings. I'm a new owner and I'm learning with her so we are moving slowly, but I see her potential and I am so excited to reach it. Shed hunting is next for us, I think, along with some high peaks in the Adirondacks. I know that whatever I end up doing, she'll be right there with me! Thank you so much for everything. If anyone wants to talk to a reference, feel free to pass along my email. I've got nothing but praise for you, your breeding program, and the family style of your company. Thanks again!