R & R Pointing Labs

Fox Red Pointing Labs Grand Rapids, Michigan

RR poinitng labs Fox red labs


SIR: Trigger


This litter is 1200

This breeding took place Nov 4 2018. There is a $200 deposit once the breeding takes place, which is non-refundable. These pups are easy to train and have a strong desire to hunt. Both Remi and Trigger have thrown pointing to their previous litters. They will come from loving parents that make great hunting companions, as well as, a great family dog. This will be an all fox red litter  


          Male                                          List                             Female

       1. RR pointing labs                                                       1. Elallen

       2. Stephen                                                                      2 Karla












CP Junior Hunter Remi has a V8 in the field and is a machine when it comes to finding birds, she is non stop. Remi also has the brains to go with it. She was passing hunt tests at the age of 7 months and didn't stop there her other accomplishments include; Certified Pointer APLA, Junior Hunter AKC and Started title UKC in less then a year. She was also guiding at 8 months old for pheasent and duck hunters. She is easy to train and a great family dog.  Remi weighs 60 lbs and has a fox red coat.   LA-EL56475F31-NOPI Elows: OFA LR-200244G31F "Clear"EIC: "PRA:"Clear"