R & R Pointing Labs

Fox Red Pointing Labs Grand Rapids, Michigan

Our Guarantee

We offer a 26 month guarantee on all pups to be free of hip dysphasia, and CERF eye defects. The dog will be replaced with an approximately 8 week old puppy from a similar breeding. Shipping charges for the replacement dog will be paid by the owner.

The dog should be x rayed between 24 and 28 months old by a veterinarian and information sent to OFA for examination. If a dog is found to be dysplastic we must have a copy of the paperwork. The dog should not be used for breeding until the OFA xrays are approved. If the dog has been breed the guarantee is void. Dogs should be examined at 1 year to check eye CERF. Documentation is required for a dog that is not clear CERF.

This guarantee applies only to genetic defects not to injury or mistreatment. If the dog is sold in the first 26 months the offer is VOID.